Spandana Metabolics

This is about the work that we do in our Clinic: Managing Metabolic Syndrome related disorders.

Human body is THE BEST system ever designed by nature. We ought to save this treasure for long years without willfully damaging it. But in the recent years, diseases like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary artery disease, certain cancers, degenerative neurological diseases, autoimmune diseases, osteoporosis and many others are increasing in epidemic proportions world over. Recent research provides enough proof for the fact that these ‘Diseases of Civilization’ are caused by the way we live and the food we eat, the insults we repeatedly thrust on our body. Not only are these preventable, but also correctable if only we change our habits.

Many of these diseases are grouped together as Metabolic Syndrome. Metabolism is the process by which our body utilizes and assimilates energy. The internal environment of our body is so well designed that it is extremely well controlled and capable of responding to any challenges from the external environment in which we live. But our food and life style can put this well controlled system out of gear and the result is the Metabolic Syndrome.

Spandana Centre for Metabolic Medicine, for the FIRST TIME ANY WHERE IN INDIA, brings to you the state-of-science facilities for assessing the Metabolic Derangements in your body and provides a Complete Lifestyle and Food Guide to overcome the problems if any and prevent any in the future. This Total and Natural Way to Attain Health will transform the way you look at yourself, making you the manager of your health. Healthy Weight Loss will just be an added benefit! [Visit]

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